Opposite to all other UFC disciplines which are always kept secret for one hour prior to the challenge we know, some disciplines require specific preparations. Therefore, we want to assist the finals contestants of the Ultimate Fitness Challenge in advance. In the upcoming ‘ladies only’ Ultimate Fitness Challenge we will continue the successful ‘Dress To Impress’ challenge as we did in the UFC Curacao edition.

A top 10 finalists special photoshoot challenge to give these power girls a free hand in how to present themselves at their best by a Dress To Impress shoot without restrictions. Of course we have official Rules & Regulations for the women to comply but a bit more freedom in choosing specific clothes and accessories will result in a great challenging fashion performance, as we have seen before.   

Debbie Keskin

A special photoshoot for the camera and TV cameras creates a unique setting while filming the photographer giving the women directions in their poses as a shooting the shoot session. Esther Hereijgers preformed great while shooting this special Canon UFC Curacao session at night on the beach. As nervous the women were before the shooting the more excited they were after.

Nicolette Sluiter

For this special ‘Dress To Impress’ shoot, there will be a special price for the winner and all 10 finalists will climb in ranking by score. In the last Dress To Impress shoot Pascale Seels from Belgium was the winner of this special challenge, showing herself as a classic beauty.

Pascale Seels

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