Back in 2016 the actual Ultimate Forces Challenge production took place at Bali Indonesia, our first international UFC competition. One of the international teams was from Australia and great people to have on board. Next to a serious 10 days competition with various teams it’s paramount to have contestants / teams who enjoy the event, having fun and making friends for life.  

Joining a real military extreme sports 10 days and nights competition became a aha and inspirational moment for Ausie Team member Garry Mills for a great idea. Being contender in a totally different sports event where using your brains is even more important than performing physically in 16 outdoor sports disciplines. Not knowing what’s coming next in a competition sounds easy but it’s probably the real challenge you’re facing. This brain challenge probably triggered Garry to explore the psychology side behind the physical performance and write a great book called “Brainy Athlete”. Bulls eye we believe.

Garry (Gaz for friends) As an athlete, you know you must allow time for your body to rest and recover to improve. If you don’t, you risk overtraining your body, excess fatigue, and injury. Your performance suffers and you may even stop enjoying your sport.

But it’s not only your body you need to take care of. Your brain needs to rest and recover too, because it runs everything and uses more energy than any other part of your body. How well you care for your brain every day can make or break you as an athlete. If your brain is fatigued and low on energy when you show up to train or compete, it can feel impossible to mentally push through and deliver the performance you know you can achieve.


We UFC, feel honored to inspire Garry with such a great book and would love to contribute by promoting “Brainy Athlete” to all athletes around the world.

Where to buy? BRAINY ATHLETE

Despite the Covid-19 heritage and international tension in the Ukraine war, which is not helping us’ we are still working for a next Ultimate Forces Challenge, we won’t give up. Garry’s book will definitely assist future contenders when joining the Ultimate Forces Challenge.

Sending our love to Nicolle & Garry Mills and all 2016 Ausie Team members, were looking forward seeing you again soon.


A true love for sports

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