PUFC Bali contestant Eva van Ee from UFC team Belgium qualified for the  Spartan World Cup because of her previous results during the Nationals in Ireland becoming first and European series becoming twelfth and of course UFC will help Eva.

By Eva…

Great news

The Spartan organization reported last night that I am qualified for the World Cup in Tahoe (California) due to my results in Ireland (National Series: 1st) and Italy (EC: 12th).

The starting places are scarce, so the invitation applies until this coming Sunday. After that my place will be handed to the next one in the World Rankings, so please help me out.

My hunt for great sponsors has now started, and I have one week to find the required budget, but the sooner the better.

I am currently a sports instructor, dietician and model. In R.O.I. I offer you;

  • Business motivation clinics
  • Social Media coverage as being a great influencer
  • Sport clinics / nutrition workshops
  • Support / hostess during company days
  •  Full coverage of the road to, and participation in the World Cup

Of course all exposure and branding for my sponsors. 

Don’t hesitate and give me a call. All costs, options and possibilities become completely clear in a 5-minute conversation. Of course I would like to visit your office if required, I am not in NL yet but I am on my way back home right now! +31(0)618540997

This sponsorship promotion applies to the Spartan World Cup. But of course I would like to discuss a long-term sponsor relationship. Thank you for reading, sharing this message would also be most appreciated ?

Thanks Eva



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