Because we want to be 100% sure everybody can travel save, we’ve checked all competing countries on Covid-19 regulations. We don’t see any more obstacles for a GO at this point. After years of waiting and being patient, it appears a next UFC edition becomes within reach again.

Meanwhile lots of contestants stayed in contact with us for any news update and we appreciate this very much. Slowly our challenge can start to prep locations and all 16 disciplines, which will be kept secret of course’ to complete for your Challenge. These 16 Challenges won’t be easy and totally different as you performed before, so don’t be a pussy and face your Challenge.

There might be slight differences in the disciplines between Ultimate Fitness Challenge and Ultimate Forces Challenge but be aware, we won’t make it easier. Of course, our main goal will be FUN & PERFORMANCE and create a life time experience as always.

Certificate Of Conduct

Due to the Me-Too situation and lots of busted offenders, many countries have announced measures by law to prevent these terrible situations. UFC always have been a protagonist in preventing and protecting crew and contestants in any situation, based on experience. That’s why UFC already has very strict Rules & Regulations for Crew and Contestants since 1999 in how to behave, what’s illegal and measures. Offenders, no matter who’ will be expelled from the events and prosecuted by law. In the past 3 Crew and 3 contestants have been preventive expelled.

Recently the Dutch government has announced, there will be new Rules & Regulations from 2023 in all kind of sports, trainers, coaches and contestants. Each Trainer, Coach and or committee member must have an official valid C.O.C. ( Certificate Of Conduct ) A certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) is a document by which the Dutch Minister of Legal Protection declares that the applicant has not been convicted for any crime relevant to the performance of his or her duties.

After applying for a certificate of conduct Justise consults the Criminal Records System (JDS). The Criminal Records System contains data relating to criminal offences and their outcomes, ranging from custodial sentences to payment in lieu of prosecution or the dropping of charges. Justise may also consult police files and ask the Public Prosecution Service and the probation service for information. All such information is studied and evaluated as a whole.

UFC supports these new measures and will be very stringent in checking on Contestants, Crew, Trainers, Coaches and committee members to prevent unwelcome people in our events.

A true love for sports

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