Many people fear mutations and a third wave, but COVID-19 infection rates are falling worldwide. Is the virus losing steam or are health measures finally having an effect?

After a year of mask wearing and social distancing could the coronavirus pandemic really be coming to an end?

Now that spring is in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, many people are losing patience, and so are we. They want perspective on when the lockdown will gradually be eased, when they can finally expect to be vaccinated, when the dust will finally settle.

The debate was fueled by alleged WHO statements concerning an imminent end to the coronavirus pandemic. Supposedly, World Health Organization (WHO) Director for Europe Hans Henri Kluge told Danish radio that the pandemic would be “over in a few months.” ‘I never said that’

Well, we all know better by now. But with the vaccinations in motion by the millions worldwide, getting people safe or at least more resistant against Covid-19 we see light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, we’re anxious to start with our next Ultimate Forces Challenge again, and believe it or not, last few weeks applications are coming in. We guess more people have the feeling in their guts, Covid-19 is about to end and they want to be ready for it, well we are ready.

Of course, all contestants, crew and production must be vaccinated with official papers to prove but this will open the gates for our next UFC. As we have heard from our MinBuZa government, we can explore possibilities for the next UFC series, and we will.

Quite unexpected a former potential partner, which we already negotiated with’ is back at the table. Are we surprised? Well actually not because back in 2015 they were already interested in our UFC event being broadcasted on the biggest worldwide online platform. Soon, when the Covid-19 restrictions will loosen up we will meet again. Knowing nothing is impossible, we’re looking forward to it.

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