After a good search we recovered the 7th episode. We all know it, when store something which you don’t want to lose, but when you need it you can’t find it anymore. But going through some boxes… Yes, there it is.

One of our best UFC (Women Only) editions was UFC 2006 for sure. A great TV producer who knew his business, great sponsors like Canon, Renault, Korps Mariniers, Curacao, TUI and a real professional and reliable broadcaster RTL. And after 20 years UFC we know, being successful and making progress depends on having the right partners and crew to build an annual TV series.

Debbie by Esther Hereijgers

The 7th episode shows a recap of this UFC Curacao edition and a lot of familiar faces of contestants, the Dutch Marines and real outdoor challenges. During this 2006 edition there were 6 men in the competition as a test to compare their performances against the women and surprisingly the women performed better in 8 out of 12 challenges, real girl power.

Just to give you a hint, yes, we are building a UFC ‘Woman Only’ edition again, and we’re making progress at a location which we already familiar with. As a matter of speaking “Back to Basic” would be the appropriate description. 20 years UFC means something, knowing most events don’t last that long. Difference between then and now is having the right UFC crew, the right TV production crew and the right broadcaster. There’s going to be a totally new UFC website which covers both, Ultimate Fitness Challenge and Ultimate Forces Challenge so more UFC enthusiasts can find each other to share their experiences and watch all their series online through our UFC Vimeo platform.

Nicolette by Esther Hereijgers

You can’t compare TV nowadays with 20 years ago and with Online inseparable from TV it’s the best cross-media combination to worldwide broadcasting of the UFC. And that’s what we are going to do. Ultimate Fitness Challenge and Ultimate Forces Challenge as you know it. No matter the delay, there’s going to be an Ultimate Forces Challenge for country teams in Canada and an Ultimate Fitness Challenge for women only as we started in 1999, because we love what we do.

Helga by Esther Hereijgers

Olga by Esther Hereijgers

A true love for sports

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