Building a proper and functional website sounds a lot easier than you might think. Right from the start Saskia and Jacoline knew a sufficient and practical website is a must have to be found and update their followers regularly.


Last Friday, after months of waiting and showing patience’ the website was launched successfully and it’s looking great. At first it was a challenge to find a real professional who was willing to build such a website. Then the stage to end up on the same page on how the website should look & feel appeared more challenging than Saskia and Jacobine realized. But they succeeded very successfully with Amazing is the fact that BS Connect turned out being a real sponsor for Follow Plan B supporting this great project.

By showing exactly what the Challenge of Saskia and Jacobine will look like on the Atlantic Ocean, you know immediately what this is all about. A challenge of a lifetime. Such a great website will support Follow Plan B in finding sponsors and partners which they need for sure to fulfill this demanding challenge in December 2024.

A true love for sports

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