Checking your web traffic on a regular base is key to stay ahead.

Over the last months we developed a new strategy for our Online and Linear programs -and results are already there before we’re even broadcasting, how great is that. Differentiate yourself from others sets you ahead while others are still trying to figure out how to proceed.

Checking online viewer ratings of some online channels is a kind of ridiculous’ counting viewers by 1 second instead of the regular 10 minutes results in disrupted (FAKE) figures. In fact, counting by 1 second someone is watching, even when he zaps to another channel’ skipping the one channel. Wonder what kind of viewer ratings will appear when they start counting with the regular 10 minutes watching. I guess a lot of people will wake up with a headage.

Most visiting countries from dark to light bleu

Through Google Analytics having close to a thousand visitors a day on a regular base and climbing up to three thousand a day every now and then must be a clear signal you’re doing something right. Recent online figures over the last two years appeared we had 317662 downloads from our previous UFC series, go figure what will happen when we start our new Online strategy for the 2020 series.

Thinking out of the box always gives you a head start’ we already found out years ago and we’re still doing just that, in fact it’s not so difficult. Recently listening to some “old boys” TV people, saying… we are doing this for 30 years already, so… And that was the moment the sky opened up, that moment you follow your gut feeling’ knowing you’re on the right track. Better to leave those rusty old boys where they are and move on.

Together with our sponsors and new partners we will roll out our three stage plans from January 2020, meanwhile we will fine tune key elements to make sure we will stay ahead.

Because we love what we do

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