Mountain Running becomes more popular. Climbing a very steep hill or mountain for numerous miles till reaching the top is one of the most challenging and exhausting competitions there is.

Our country ‘The Netherlands’ doesn’t have mountains so quite difficult to train but in one of our first competitions at the UFC Malta we did a serious Mountain Run as start of the Challenge on day one. Starting form a boat about 200 mtr form the shore 15 contestants had to swim to shore, then chance shoes and start running op the mountain. It wasn’t very far in distance but we all knew this is very hard to fulfill. A real Challenge.

Most contestants were trained athletes for sure, but never done this before. Bulls Eye we said, this will separate the women form the girls on the first day. After a few hundred meters the first girls dropped out while climbing, they just couldn’t do it. And what makes it even more difficult is that they can see the top and the finish and it’s not far. Thats what’s killing you. So close and yet so far away. Most contestant had to crawl the last meters to the finish.

This first Malta challenge set the tone for that UFC, they knew what to expect and it wasn’t going to be easy. Now almost 20 years later we realize that we initiated many types of outdoor sports and specific challenges which are more and more popular nowadays and were happy people followed our initiatives so more people can improve their health, stamina and perseverance to improve a happy life.

A true love for sports

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