Recent announcements about new UFC series increased the number of surfers on our website and Twitter dramatically to the thousands. Especially European neighboring countries raised quickly in visiting and most were searching on “The next UFC winner” Watch episodes, Contact and Partners as we expected. Having a serious 20 years track record with numerous partners and sponsors sets UFC much higher on the ladder.

Of course, these are not all our partners and sponsors, only the mutual appreciated were published because we care for our professional affiliates. Having a new UFC series coming up various appointments have been made for the next two months to require means to organize and produce our next success story.  

Quite unexpected, the Covid-19 situation gave us the time to take a step back and explore new ways of broadcasting and finding a much wider audience. The nowadays streaming facilities hands various VOD, SVOD and real-life broadcasting features so the right audience finds you within minutes and stay on board. Now having the right partners, the difference compare to linear TV is so much more effective in viewers loyalty, so we expand our series from 15 to 24 and 32 episodes, in fact connecting directly to the next.

Because we love what we do


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