As some of you already noticed we’re taking steps for a next UFC edition. Of course, the Ukraine war isn’t very helpful, in fact a serious obstacle for us’ as we are a military related outdoor sports competition. But as you ‘all know we don’t give up and keep pushing for a next edition.

We recently received questions from Canada if we are still interested for going to this wonderful country in 2023… of course we are. This kind of rugged and wild nature will be a challenge for us too when we usually go to more tropical locations. Luckily most global Covid-19 restrictions are gone now and preventive rules & regulations are easy to follow up, so we are confident to start up again.

As stated earlier we want to start a UFC back-to-back series which in fact means two UFC series in the same period. This means an Ultimate Fitness Challenge (women only) and an Ultimate Forces Challenge(country teams) back-to-back production. Now we have selected a very professional production team our selves with real experienced craftsmen to produce a real competition as we always did and not some stupid reality soap format. Global broadcasting is taken care of.

As soon we have more information, we will publish this on our website blog, so stay tuned.

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