As you have witnessed the first three Challenges are not made for pussies, you need certain skills, stamina, perseverance and great team effort to make it till the end. In regular outdoor competitions you can make it one day, probably two days and the real strong ones maybe three days… but 10 days & Nights? No most of you don’t, that’s why it’s the Ultimate Forces Challenge.

A true love for sports

Episode 4

A base rule in UFC is, the real competition starts in the third day, because we first have to shake the tree and see if your team got what it takes… On the fourth day the first injuries start appearing, sour muscles, joints hurt, the injury from yesterday is still there and not knowing what’s next -and assure it will be heavier than the last one will pinch you mentally.

In the fourth episode it’s a load carry with a stretcher to carry some stones, in to the jungle to pick up the notorious sand bags, be aware 200 kg sand bags!!! And bring them back to where you started, the distance is only 500 meters. Ooraah… Next is the Night Challenge in pitch black night with military grade night vision goggles from Photonis. Bring the poles through the water to build a bridge to cross and only two of your team have night goggles, this can’t be difficult. Yeah right.

Episode 5

After the first Photonis night challenge which the teams have never experienced, the next challenge is water again. But this time on the water instead of inn. It’s an easy challenge, just row the boat to the bell and you’re there, just as easy as that. You have just one problem, the other team is rowing in opposite direction, when two boats are connected by a rope’ to their bell, who’s going to ring the bell first.

Episode 6

Your arms are still sour from the previous challenge and the next one is about taking a 10kg handbag with you on the slack rope without touching the ground during 20 meters with your whole team. This requires team effort, brains and tactics. Is it heavy? NO, Are your out of breath? NO, but is it difficult? Sure, it is.

Because we love what we do


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