As many of you already know UFC started back in 1999 as a spin-off edition and soon went across the border to Malta with a first competition on national linear TV. Once the power girls discovered UFC the number of registrations sky-rocketed fast, creating a challenge for UFC. There’s a limited number of contestants who can participate to have a fair and well-ordered competition. UFC started pre-selections in Belgium to separate the girls from the women, only the 20 strongest were selected for the semi-final’s competition.

Now in 2021 UFC sees possibilities to re-launch a 2.0 Ultimate Fitness Challenge edition. Taking into account we’re still facing Covid-19 Rules & Regulations UFC decided to stay closer to home, making things easier and safer to handle. With the great memories of the 2001 Ardennes in Belgium selections in mind, the decision was easy, Belgium it is. The 2001 selections were held in the Durbuy region, offering great nature, mountains, rivers, valley’s and much more ingredients for a memorable 2.0 Ultimate Fitness Challenge competition.

Of course, meanwhile we will continue with the Ultimate Forces Challenge International which is still one of our main goals with 10 competing country teams in Canada. Due to the Covid-19 situation this will be a much more complicated challenge to fly 10 country teams + crew + production vaccinated and safe to Canada. But as we learned, nothing is impossible’ we stay focus on the slowly released Covid-19 Rules & Regulations which will eventually give the green light for a next Ultimate Forces Challenge competition.

Potential UFC girls are already informed about new UFC Rules & Regulations, other fashion disciplines and competition agenda. Of course, all outdoor disciplines will be under supervision and expertise of Dutch Marines creating specific challenges which will be kept secret 1 hour prior to each competition. And just to be sure, if you are afraid of heights, depth, water, pitch black night and real challenges… Don’t sign up.

Because we love what we do

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