We still get requests for more UFC pictures, and we have a lot to choose from. So here are 20+ pics by the hand of our all time UFC photographer Esther Hereijgers who’s in UFC since 2005. Bali Indonesia was an amazing Island with breath taking locations where the average tourist doesn’t show. After the series was broadcasted, we received many thanks and an unexpected present from Indonesia being amazed of the result by the way we showed the Bali Island.

Because we love what we do

Team South Africa

A few minutes before the TV producer fucked up

Jungle Assault Team Canada

Teams heads up

Team Belgium Rowing

Diane from Team South Africa jump to the bell

Team Canada rowing

Team Australia on the slack rope

Team South Africa in the hidden canyon

Team Australia strubbeling

A night Challenge with Photonis night vision

Food coming up

Do we need to say more

Garry finishing on Merta Sari Beach

Bart from Team Belgium exhausted

Celestie South Africa

Team Australia ter obstacle

Medals and Trophy

Bart with Kris

Where there’s food we find Garry

Camera crew

The amazing waterfall

Fred & Thierry

Camera crew

Indonesian Food

And of course…

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