As we received a lot of enthusiast comments on our last UFC pictures, we couldn’t stay behind in finding some more.  PUFC 2016 photographers Esther Hereijgers and Thierry Schut made the following PUFC Bali behind the scenes pics as a great memory to what we haven’t seen in the TV series. Enjoy…

Because we love what we do


Fuck it.

Some creepy animal stabed me… five times.

Your’e here to do what?

Watch next…


Got to get me some food?


Bali at his best

Wait a couple of minutes guys, it took 5 hours… morons.

Heading for the beach, there’s something happening there.

Drunk one day and performing the next day is a bad combination.

OK, i’ll show you one more time.

Must have been Eric’s idea, those marines are crazy

So you two morons had this figured out?

Saving Garry’s lunch


Give me 25… Stevie

OK now what? Nice sox…

Wait, your mascara ran out



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