As some contestants requested a free high resolution picture form our last unpublished Bali series, we just received another request to publish some more, and here they are.

Camera Crew, often working just as hard as the contestants

Dina from team South Africa

Someone lost his pants

Team Belgium rowing for what they’re worth

Team Canada in full swing

Diane from team South Africa walks on water?

Adam and Vikki from team Australia at the water obstacle

Team South Africa at the finish

Team Australia lift it’s team mate

Team Belgium in R&R

Night Vision of course

Team Australia in R&R

Bart lost it

No tire to be rolled

Rudy from team Belgium holds it up

Diane and Dina lifting

PUFC Camera crew must have that shot

Camera crew at the weirdest locations

PUFC Camera crew in R&R

PUFC Crew at Singapore Airport

And many thanks to our photographers Esther Hereijgers and Thierry Schut

A true love for sports

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