UFC is always on the lookout to differentiate from the previous editions, not giving the contestants the benefit of competition experience. Each Challenge must be different. Therefor UFC found Photonis exactly that specific element to put the teams off balance and no options to prepare. These Photonis goggles are so detailed and clear in pitch black, contestants in our Bali edition could perform their challenge at ease.

Taking pictures in pitch dark with the Photonis Night Vision appeared to be extremely difficult, however UFC’s photographer Esther Hereijgers kept going to find the solution to make these important night vision pictures, and she nailed it.

In this 4th PUFC Bali episode teams were confronted with the Night Vision Goggles form Photonis for the first time. The teams adapted quickly and found their way in pitch black with ease, experiencing how easy real professional Night Goggles work.

Photonis embraced Ultimate Forces Challenge because we share the same values · Leadership · Innovation · Passion · Commitment. Specific natural elements required to achieve your goals now and in the future. Ultimate Forces Challenge confronts its contestants with these specific elements to select only the best. As Ultimate Forces Challenge is a global event and TV series it offers Photonis to reach new markets and new people who also share the values Leadership Innovation Passion & Commitment.

Martin Snijders Marketing Communication Manager Photonis

Will there be a Night Vision challenge in the next UFC, you just don’t know.

A true love for sports

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