On a monthly base we receive Stats from our online activities and Youtube is one of them. Each time we’re amazed about these YouTube figures, which shows no decline in media attention. And such media attention regardless the fact that have no activities for quite some time now. And this is for ONE month only…

Next to that, why should one pay for watching our previous UFC series while you can watch the whole Bali UFC 15 episodes for free on our website: https://ultimateforceschallenge.com/watch-episodes/ Now that’s value for money right? We just become more and more famous without actually promoting ourselves.

Go figure when we start up again with a new UFC series in some amazing host country with totally new disciplines, new teams, new circumstances, new environment… And to be sure, none of our 16 military outdoor sports disciplines are staged nor fake. We watched some look-a-like series but most of it is fake, it looks poorly. Next to that it’s an insult to the viewers assuming they are all idiots. 

No, in UFC everything is for real. We don’t use program directors telling contestants what to do Infront of a camera, creating fake reality tv. UFC is no reality program, we use real professional Marines to design and built all outdoor disciplines and it’s a real do or die competition.

So stay tuned, you never know what’s next.

Because we love what we do.

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