As the 1.5 mtr. rules have disappeared we’ve noticed companies are exploring affordable strategies to make progress again. It’s clear everybody wants to leave Corona behind them as a black page in history. It’s also clear companies took the Corona low tide to reinvent new online strategies, so we received various questions about how to implement branding strategies online, from companies who are unexperienced in VOD and SVOD broadcasting.

Linear TV lost its leading position in the last three years while progressive companies moved to online communication’ finding a much wider audience for less costs. Second best option is the never-ending story as programs are no longer broadcasted just once for a substantial fee, but stay visible forever online to a much wider audience reaching triple the number of viewers, now that’s a good value branding investment.

Beside our Dutch ‘women only’ UFC 20 episodes series coming up, we also started the international Ultimate Forces Challenge preparations. Having various business meetings in October to find new partners for these 24 episodes international series on Amazon Prime, we feel confident 2022 will be a successful year with Passion, Purpose and Progress again.

Because we love wat we do.

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