World’s fastest-acting + longest-lasting muscle fuel

  • Sparks 2+ hours of stim-free muscle energy
  • Powers strength, endurance, performance
  • Supports growth + recovery for max gains
Upgrade Yourself®with Performance Lab® SPORT Carb

Universal sport carbohydrate: Simple + complex carb athletic benefits in one molecule

KarboLyn® technology is key to Performance Lab® SPORT Carb’s muscle-fueling power.

KarboLyn® is bioengineered to a small molecular size that absorbs faster and lasts longer than any other carbohydrate.

SPORT Carb adds Himalayan Pink Salt and Organic Coconut Sugar as transporters that drive KarboLyn® into muscles more efficiently, supercharging its athletic performance-enhancing benefits.

Flavored and sweetened with organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon, coconut palm sugar, yacon root, monk fruit and stevia, SPORT Carb is the cleanest, best-tasting sports carbohydrate drink.


How to take

Mix 2 scoops of Carb (50 g) with 12 oz of water in a Performance Lab® mixer bottle. Take 30 minutes before training for fast muscle energy. During exercise for enhanced endurance. And immediately after to support recovery and muscle growth.

Ultramodern Design

Carb is a stim-free, universal carbohydrate formula. Bioengineered to supercharge your muscle glycogen for superior athletic performance. Fueling fast like a simple carb and sustaining for longer like a complex carb. Helping to reload depleted muscles for optimal recovery and growth.

Easy to consume

Easy to consume

Carb mixes quickly and easily in a shaker bottle – no blender necessary. A delicious blend of organic cocoa, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon that is flavor-matched to blend perfectly with Performance Lab® Protein for the ultimate 2-in-1 athletic performance shake.

Designed for Performance

  • 40 g of muscle-hyperloading KarboLyn® carbohydrate per serving
  • Powers muscle across strength, endurance, growth and recovery
  • Optimized with natural carb transporters sodium, glucose and fructose
  • Enhances absorption of water and other sports nutrients
  • Fast-acting, long-lasting fuel for 2+ hours stim-free muscle energy
  • Versatile muscle fuel may be taken before, during and after workouts

Healthy for Daily Use

  • Carb energy without typical crashing, bloating or gastric distress during exercise
  • Naturally sweetened with organic coconut sugar monk fruit and stevia
  • Delicious chocolate flavor from organic cocoa, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon
  • Easily mixes into a muscle fuel drink with SPORTMixer® only; no blender required


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (50 g)

Servings Per Container: 20s

Per Serving
% Daily
Calories 180  
Calories from Fat 0  
Total Fat 0 0%
Saturated Fat 0 0%
Cholesterol 0 0%
Sodium 200 mg 9%
Total Carbohydrate 46 g 17 %
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
Sugars 3 g
Protein 0.5 g 1%
KarboLyn® (homopolysaccharride derived from potato, rice and corn) 40 g
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) powder 700 g
Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories per day diet.
† Daily Value not established.

Ingredients: Karbolyn®, Organic Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Palm Sugar, Natural Organic Flavors, Organic Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) Powder, Organic Coconut Water (freeze-dried powder), Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Guar Gum (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba), Organic-Compliant Xanthan Gum, LoCal™ Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) Extract 50% Mogroside V, Swevia™ De-Bitterized Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Leaf Extract

Allergen: Contains Coconuts (Tree nuts)

Suitable for vegans. Contains NO soy, egg, fish, shellfish, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, or other allergens. Non-GMO and non-irradiated. Free of gluten, synthetic additives, caffeine, artificial colors and preservatives. Banned substance tested.

Suggested Use: Mix 2 scoops (50 g) with12-16 oz. (360-473 ml.) of water.

Karbolyn® is a registered trademark of All American Pharmaceutical.

BPA Free. Please Recycle.


The Science

SPORT Carb: The future of athletic carbohydrate supplementation.

The harder you exercise, the faster you burn through glycogen muscle fuel. Low muscle glycogen stores may limit your athletic advancement due to:

  • Performance crashes: Reduced muscle power and diminished endurance during training and competition; hitting the wall earlier
  • Muscle limitations: Without glycogen, muscle tissue is catabolized to produce energy; less energy also means slower muscle growth and recovery

Carbohydrates have long been used by athletes to prime muscle glycogen stores for peak performance and growth. But traditional carb sources have always had drawbacks:

  • Simple Carbs: Spike muscle energy quickly for intense shorter-duration bouts of exercise but may be followed by a net muscle energy crash
  • Complex Carbs: Load muscle energy for endurance and growth, but take a long time to absorb (up to 24 hours) and may cause bloating

NOW: SPORT Carb conquers carbohydrate muscle-loading challenges with KarboLyn® nutritional technology + Performance Lab® ultramodern design.

SPORT Carb KarboLyn® is bioengineered for enhanced carbohydrate fueling: Designed to a small molecular mass that absorbs quickly, but sustains muscle energy for 2+ hours.


SPORT Carb delivers all simple and complex carb benefits with none of the drawbacks:

  • Loads muscle with glycogen faster for quick strength
  • Sustains peak muscle power longer for extended endurance
  • Refuels muscle over hours to steadily power growth after exertion
  • No carb crashes, absorption delays, bloating or gastric distress

Universal Carbohydrate Sports Nutrition

Due to its fast-absorbing + sustained-release design, SPORT Carb is universal carbohydrate sports nutritionthat can be taken by anyone at any time for all athletic goals.

Goal How to Take Athletic Performance Advantages
Strength 2-3 hours before training or competition 2+ hours of stim-free muscle energy; enhances training, competitive performance and ultimate muscle growth
Endurance Sip during training or extended exertion Tops off muscle glycogen for steady muscle energy in endurance athletics and extended bouts of physical exertion
Recovery Within 30 minutes post-workout Restores training-depleted muscle glycogen quickly for recovery, muscle growth and faster return to form
Growth Rest day Continues muscle-fueling during downtime to power the energy-intensive task of muscle repair and growth

Performance Lab® SPORT Carb amplifies KarboLyn® benefits

SPORT Carb isn’t just another KarboLyn® product. Instead it leverages Performance Lab® strategy and quality to produce a superior KarboLyn®-driven formula. SPORT Carb enhances KarboLyn® with:

Carbohydrate Transporters

SPORT Carb elevates KarboLyn® with natural transporters that help the world’s greatest athletic carbohydrate to work even better:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt: Supplies sodium to enhance carbohydrate transport into muscle tissues plus electrolyte to promote muscle hydration.
  • Organic Coconut Sugar: Minimum effective dosage for enhanced carbohydrate transport into muscle tissues; also adds a touch of natural sweetness.

Performance Lab® Carb is the world’s cleanest, best-tasting carb supplement

  • Naturally Flavored

    Naturally flavored

    Organic cocoa, vanilla bean, Ceylon cinnamon, Himalayn pink salt

  • Naturally Sweetened

    Naturally sweetened

    Organic coconut palm sugar, yacon root, monk fruit extract and stevia leaf extract

  • Naturally Thickened

    Naturally thickened

    Organic guar gum and coconut water powder

SPORT Carb: Performance Lab® Quality + KarboLyn® Quality

SPORT Carb enhances KarboLyn® with superior Performance Lab® formulation, cleanliness and quality.
Result: SPORT Carb outperforms other athletic carb foods and supplements on every level.

Performance Lab® SPORT Carb with KarboLyn® Food Sources of Carbohydrates Ordinary Carb Sports Nutrition Supplements
Quick absorption Slow absorption Slow absorption
All natural May contain additives Often contain additives
Mixes instantly Have to prepare Mixing may clump and gel
Pharmaceutical grade Food quality Food quality or lower
Neutral tasting Distinct flavor Distinct flavor
Spikes energy levels fast, sustains muscle energy levels longer Sustains energy levels slowly Usually does not sustain energy levels
No added caffeine Usually caffeine free Usually contains caffeine

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Performance Lab® SPORT Carb

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