As we get more and more visitors on our website, the request for the full Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge Bali 2017 series keeps coming in. OK we will publish all 15 episodes in the coming days with 3 episodes per day for free, so enjoy. If you’ll get inspired by these images, just send an email to for more information.

A true love for sports

Episode 1

7 teams from countries around the world will challenge the other teams in up to 15 outdoor sports disciplines in 10 days and nights, especially designed for and by the Marines by day and by night. 15 military disciplines which are kept secret till minutes before the start of each discipline, now that’s a challenge. Teams from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Belgium and the Netherlands. Having military skills is not required but very recommended .

Episode 2

As it shows in this next episode all challenges are for real, nothing is staged or trained like in real life, you never know what’s around the corner. The second day all of a sudden, the weather changes in minutes and a calm ocean changes in minutes to dangerous waters and the first teams bail out with still 9 days to go.

Episode 3

The rest of the teams are in fact happy both teams bailed out, it just became easier to win this challenge. No water Challenges for the time being and now, the next 3 challenges are in the jungle. Without know what’s next the teams gather for the briefing. They have a few minutes to team up and discuss strategy. Well it looks easy however they know by now, there’s more than meets the eye.

Soon the next 3 episodes 

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