Since our last post from Feb. 22nd, we took a step back monitoring our options for a next UFC. Now Covid-19 has lost its grip on society and we can move on without lockdowns. Meanwhile have been working on progress, a back-to-back edition and communicating with available host countries. Other outdoor sports events are starting up too, and so should we.

As UFC is a military related sports event the Ukraine war isn’t very helpful in finding partners, but as we often experienced’ impossible is nothing. So far, the last two weeks we found companies who understand this too shall pass and you have to show your face again following the line of least resistance. Back in 2008 due to the financial crisis, we experienced recognizable circumstances’ and we didn’t give up.

As we already announced, following the line of least resistance also means staying closer to home. Just to make things easier and affordable production and logistical wise. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do without downsizing the UFC competition in any way.

So, from now on we will be posting news and progress on a regularly base again, stay tuned.

Because we love what we do.

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