July Saturday 3rd. Our first challenge.

Rotterdam Round Rowing Marathon 🛶

We will keep you informed.

Sail with Plan B! 😊


Ready to go. The weather is favorable ☀️

We are ready for it 💪💪 Let’s go!!


It goes well. Only we go too slow, according to our coach

So here we go again!


Lunch stop 😋

After some tips from our mate Hannie, things are going a lot better. The buttocks do start to protest, but otherwise everything is going well. It’s fun! 😊


We caught up with 3 participating boats!    

Whoop whoop!! He’s going well


We get tired, but don’t give up.

Last stretch 💪💪


Finished   😘💪💪🏆🏆

Our first insanely cool challenge has passed. Rowing on the rivers is quite an experience and falling under the sometimes very low bridges was hilarious 🤣🤣Besides having fun and having fun, we also learned a lot.We want to thank everyone for the support!And a special thank you for send Hannie, coach Cayo and rowing buddy Kim.

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