Publishing the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge 15 episodes at Bali appears to be an instant hit. The number of website visitors is skyrocketing again and more and more questions are coming in, we’re happy to answer. Also, some contestants replied, and specifically about the Trefecta E-Bike which they had to compete with. Only by seeing the E-Bikes created quite a stir amongst the contestants “are we riding these amazing bikes’ they asked… Yes, you will, and the went ecstatic.

I myself tried the Trefecta E-Bike by the waterfall and being an experienced motorcycle rider, I was amazed by the speed, maneuverability and silence of the bike. I asked the Trefecta instructor Marco how to switch it on “its on” he said, and you can change the settings by the Ipod in the center console, but its set already for these tropical conditions. I have to try this I thought… There were some Bali locals at the side of the road, watching our TV production every day and they’ve noticed me trying the Trefecta E-Bike and some had mopeds. I stepped on the E-Bike and immediately I felt the E-Bike started to take off, and I haven’t even started peddling yet… wow.   

I started peddling and some locals started their mopeds to follow me. The first 50 meters I experienced the E-Bike how it works and I could hear the mopeds behind me, OK here we go… I started peddling and like a rocket the E-Bike took off and within 100 meters the mopeds were cone leaving them behind in a trail of dust on the jungle road, it was truly amazing. Not just the amazing acceleration but also the gears shifting automatically, the silence and easy handling of the E-Bike. I have tried some E-Bikes before but this Trefecta is something different and absolutely no comparison to the bikes before and after. I can’t explain how it feels, you got to experience yourself, but I will never forget this impressive ride.

That also goes for the country teams who had their Trefecta E-Bike competition at MertaSari Beach at Bali Island, and the still have these amazing memories like I have with the Trefecta E-Bike. Now Trefecta Mobility has the RDR line which appeals to a much wider audience being a more affordable version.

Trefecta’s aim is to create the game, instead of changing it. By focusing on true innovation, we create the norm and set the standard for the products of tomorrow. We are very proud to introduce the new Trefecta RDR a more affordable version of our famous Trefecta DRT Pro race pedelec. This eMTB has been designed to have the capability of tackling almost any terrain and commute you in style thanks to sophisticated suspension and a powerful motor with an unusually large battery. Go anywhere, do anything! Trefecta.

Each edition of the Ultimate Forces Challenge we create new challenges for the teams to face so they cannot prepare for what’s coming, that’s why it’s a Ultimate Challenge. Also most disciplines will be of a military grade, that’s why having military skills will be at your advantage, that’s why its a Forces Challenge. We have contact with Canada on a regular base and we both are looking forward to it. Once the Corona situation is under control and we all can travel safely we will start up.

Because we love what we do

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