Distinguishing yourself is key nowadays but UFC does that already for 20 years. Offering outdoor athletes real challenges to face instead of staged bite ready setting which are in fact easy to take’ sets UFC apart.

Often we see TV series which look challenging because of the camera angle and fast-moving footage’ but in fact are easy to handle. UFC doesn’t like that; we’re only going for the real deal and confront you with real challenges which are in fact dangerous when your off guard and not paying attention. Therefor you are with a team to look after each other, discus strategy and force you to use your brains.


Ultimate Forces Challenge doesn’t want to be a predictable event with obvious challenges, we want you to face your boundaries. An easy example is just running a distance which sounds easy. But when you don’t know the distance to run and you are aware of several disciplines to perform in between will be a totally different story.   

The boundaries the PUFC Bali teams faced when briefed about their next Challenge, a Night Vision Challenge in real pitch-black night and what to expect pulled them right out their comfort zone. We could see their faces changing, WTF… are we going to do? Is this real? When arrived at the scene they couldn’t see a damn thing. They could only hear the sounds of the jungle, animal noises and firefly buzzing around. The Challenge sounds easy but depending on one of your team members guiding you through the jungle with a laser beam from a distance and not able to see your own hands will pull you out of your comfort zone for sure.

Photonis, World leader in Night Vision solutions said, we’re handle this and briefed the teams in how to handle these state of the art, military grade night vision goggles. Once the teams got their Night Vision goggles and knew how it works, het got their confidence back.

Abseiling from 90 ft. in pitch-black night with these Photonis goggles was a piece of cake.

And that’s why Ultimate Forces Challenge distinguish its self from the rest as Brooke Bailly from UFC Team Canada states:

UFC Bali 2016 was an amazing experience. Most of our team met at the airport the morning that we flew down and by the end of the two weeks its safe to say that we all became friends for life. Not just within our team but with competitors from all over the world. The location of the competition and the events were amazing. The scenery was beautiful and the challenges were very difficult and full of surprises. Our team would only get a short basic briefing before each event and then have to work together to overcome and problem solve a variety of physical and mental challenges. The UFC team made competition an incredible experience by pushing us all to our limits and forcing us to overcome challenges that were only possible with the whole team contributing. The entire experience was life-changing and I will remember the people, and events forever. Brook Bailly

A true love for sports 

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