Where we had a sad discussion with greedy narrow-minded partners back in 2016, that’s going to change too, now we’re the one who’s making the decisions. UFC has a reputation of having great prizes for the winners, a prize worth to give it all you have plus a little extra to win each challenge. Back in the UFC women only series a 25K brand-new car for the winner was no exception and the 2nd and 3rd place winners never left empty handed…

UFC 2006 winner Helga Gernaat with her first prize brand new Renault Megane



Having 5 pax country teams, you can imagine, 5 new cars will be a real challenge, even for us, but we’re working on something much better than that. We want the winning teams to have something tangible, something they’ll never forget, something worth to go to hell and back. No lousy statue and some medals, which you’ll get anyway.

No, since the start in 1999 UFC is different and we want to stay that way, so the awards must be distinctive too, that’s who we are. Soon we will reveal the prizes for the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winning team, so stay tuned.

Because we love what we do

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