Who could have guessed it would take more than 1.5 years to make progress with UFC again, well we didn’t… Being in standby mode all the time sets you of guard in time we noticed, but two months ago the first real signs were there, Covid-19 had its peak and was declining worldwide. It was just a matter of time to set things in order. Luckily, we’ve made most preparations in terms of specific disciplines and safety issues, so we’re ready to go.

Of course, most already signed up contenders from the 10 competing country teams are in the process of being officially vaccinated at this point and so are we. As stated in our last heads-up email, all teams, crew and production must be fully vaccinated, shown on official GOV. documents before they get permission to enter the next UFC. In the upcoming months it will become clear when all country teams are ready to travel international.

Under strict specific regulations it’s possible to travel international as an amateur athlete as a team without quarantine to perform in a competition. All contestants will receive a special e-mail in person with all official GOV. rules & regulations for safe traveling. UFC will contact each country GOV. for additional rules & regulations to make sure everybody can travel safe.

After a long declaration, surviving Covid-19’ we’re looking forward to a next UFC competition. And just to be sure, no we won’t tell you what’s coming and we won’t be easy on you. We don’t want you to make it and it’s up to you to prove us otherwise.

Because we love what we do

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