Rockay understand that runners always want to perform at their best and key to that is of course staying pain-free.
Runners will tell you that blisters are the scourge of their training and race day experiences, a common issue that likely most of us have suffered with at one time or another.
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We designed a sock that puts an end to blister pain, performs when needed, and is durable for the long-run. The Accelerate – made for runners by runners, an award-winning sock that has become a ´must have´ to shield feet from intrusive blisters and unlock potential.


Our priority at Rockay is that you feel good in all of our products, including staying blister-free, as promised. Which means we stand by our claim 100%, no ifs, no ands, and no buts. If you develop a blister, we will solve it by refunding your purchase or by sending you a new pair of socks, it’s your choice. Just reach out to our Customer Support.

We guarantee you’ll love the feeling of staying free of blister pain!
A true love for sports

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