For the month of July, your banana will be sporting a cute sticker that encourages you to get moving.


  • Your favorite banana is pulling double duty this month, by serving as your workout fuel and also your trainer.
  • For the month of July, your Chiquita banana will come with an adorable sticker encouraging you to get moving.
  • Bananas will come with one of 10 stickers of popular exercise moves, including squats, lunges, and planks.

Bananas have long been staple for your workout fuel. But for the month of July, your bananas will actually be pulling double duty: Not only will they serve as functional snacks, but they may also be moonlighting as your trainer, too.

For the month of July, a bright, colorful sticker will take the place of the typical blue sticker logo on your Chiquita banana. The new sticker will feature an adorable graphic of a banana doing an exercise move: everything from performing 15 push-ups to holding a one-minute plank to cranking out 20 lunges.

There will be 10 banana-sanctioned moves in all. You can take inspiration from the stickers and combine the moves to create a quick, at-home circuit. To make things even simpler, Chiquita has provided a calendar that features mix-and-match stickers that create six different daily workouts. One day, for instance, can include 20 jumping jacks, 15 push-ups, and 15 squats. Another may be 30 high-knee taps, a one-minute wall-sit, and a one-minute plank.

This is a campaign by the company to encourage you to get moving all summer long.

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“At Chiquita, we wanted to launch a new sticker series that would remind our fans that fitness can be fun and easy with the right tools in hand,” Jamie Postell, director of sales North America for Chiquita, said in a release.

Participants are encouraged to share their workouts using #ChiquitaChallenge. While the whole premise of having your banana dictate your workout sounds silly, anything that can make fitness fun and encourage you to get moving is something we can get behind. You should be warming up before your run anyway, right?

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