At this point we reschedule our UFC Canada plans and gathering sufficient information and details to set up a Covid-19 save schedule for the 10 competing countries and ourselves for a save trip to Canada and back home. Once we have the full schedule ready, we are obligated to file an official GOV. request at the RIVM to get approval. Of course, we don’t want any mistakes, risk or unhealthy situations for the teams and ourselves during the next Ultimate Forces Challenge.

During the years our 10 days & nights challenge and disciplines became more military in a mater in technique, skills, discipline, perseverance and team cohesion. Of course, non-military contenders are welcome but having military skills will give the teams a true advantage against others.

In the next Ultimate Forces Challenge we will raise the bar again, confronting the teams with more endurance, psychological/mental, physical, exhausting challenges to perform, to reach the finals. The more experienced teams could have a bit of an advantage against the 4 new country teams, but again, all disciplines will be kept secret for all teams. And what a Challenge they will face!!! We’re looking forward to it.

Hoping we soon can give the clear-and-go signal for take-off.

A true love for sports


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