It appears other event producers are facing similar obstacles like we had in the past, and of course we’re willing to respond to that because we don’t object co-event producers, we welcome them’ but we do object copy cats.

One typical question keeps coming back; How to assemble a good working team? Well, that’s one of the most challenging aspects in set up events, no matter if they are volunteers or professionals. You will find out that some of them have twin-face hidden agenda’s’ same as we experienced. That’s easy; just let them have the impression they’re unnoticed and deal with them later. Some will offer more assistance, just to get their hands on things (read finance)’ just kindly decline. Then there are people who make themselves more important… by telling others they have some authority or even being a co-owner. That’s just a matter of time till their mask fall off. Eventually they will leave by themselves, and never take them back.

Those twin-faced people with hidden agendas are often a narcissist, being jealous’ and probably hating you for what you’re doing which they can’t. Trust me; you don’t want a narcissist in your team. They want to take advantage of you and will try to bring you down. They will spread false rumors about you among friends and make you look bad. The easiest way to spot a narcissist is; an accusation from a narcissist is a confession… They will accuse you for misbehavior which they commit themselves and turn in to a victim next.

The answer is simple. Keep a sharp eye on those who ask a lot of questions and cooperate with those who say; how can I make myself useful.

One of my best life-lessons was my mother who taught me how to play chess from the age of 5. I had to play 1 game each day for 1 year and I hated it, now I’m so thankful to her. Having a complicated childhood because of my abusive stepfather, I was saved by my grandparents by the age of 7 who pulled me out just in time. while getting older I had 4 great mentors; my grandfather, Lou, Leo and Gerard. From young age my grandfather always said, you have to make a plan’ but I didn’t understand what that meant. You will find out he kept saying. By the age of 12 I figured it out and started to make a lifecycle, and as my grandfather always said, stick to it’ no matter what. You will de-rail a couple of times, but always go back to the plan. That’s my second-best life lesson. The other three business mentors I keep to myself.

Start learning to read people without exposing yourself, if necessary’ play the naïve dumbass and make them think you’re an idiot. It will save you a lot of landsharks and fortune seekers because you’re not interesting to them. Like the famous quote in the film ‘The Godfather’… Never show your opponent what you’re thinking.

And… what’s wrong with just asking? But these fortune seekers and window-dressers think they can outsmart others, always displaying their wisdom to impress. They fail. 

Because I love what I do

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