Next to UFC we already created “SportModels” / “SportModel of the Year” back in 2008.

Based on our experiences in the UFC Women Only version we noticed in 2005 that we got several types of women who want to perform in various kinds of sports and performance.

SportModels type of athlete

There are the hardcore types of women who like to go full force in military style challenges but with a lower kind of feminine exposure and there are the more fashion and beauty kind of women and we want to serve both groups to give them their experience they’re looking for on TV. Already 14 women signed up for this unique competition, there is room for 6 more women to sign up. Interested? Send mail to and refer to SportModels.

Therefor we designed SportModel of the year. A new type of competition with a lower sports effort and higher fashion and beauty level in performance. We will start a totally new website especially for this type of event and TV series and all SportModels enthusiasts can follow these 20 women during the 10 weeks of preparation, gym training, selection, diet, dance courses and outdoor training online on a daily base.

SportModels type of athlete

We also have 4 female judges with lots of knowledge and real on-stage / competition experience for the 20 contenders to watch, criticize and verdict the TOP 3 winners of SportModel of the year. Years of competitions experience motivated us to select only and especially female judges for SportModels to obtain an objective and honest election.

SportModels type of athlete

We already have 4 professional trainers who are going to train these 20 girls to their competition and finals on national TV in a series of 8×45 minutes. The SportModels series will start in April 2020. When goes online, we will notify you.

Because we love what we do.

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