Follow these everyday tips for a fitter, healthier, and happier new you.

Runners dream big. Tackling a new distance, posting a personal best, losing 20 pounds—we embrace grand challenges throughout the year. But what happens after that goal is (hopefully) met?

You risk losing motivation and stalling—unless you’ve changed your routines to those of a stronger, healthier runner. “Runners who are consistent with good habits have the most success,” says Tom Holland, an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, coach, and author of The Marathon Method.

When it comes to making running resolutions (whether in January or later in the year when you’re preparing for a race in the late summer or fall), consider goals based on process instead of outcome. That way, you can sustain momentum by celebrating small, frequent victories. And you’ll avoid the all-or-nothing thinking that triggers massive disappointment if factors beyond your control interfere along the way—for instance, if you wake up to a sweltering race day.

The benefits of healthy habits spill over into a better life beyond running, too. Here are 12 healthy habits the most highly motivated runners develop, with expert advice on how to make them your own.

Become a Morning Runner

woman experiencing running motivation

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