Often we get the question, what skills should I have for doing the UFC? When you did your homework, you should know the UFC got on a military level from 2001 when UFC started a cooperation with the Dutch Marnies and it only got more military during the years.

Watch the video and see the similarities with UFC

Of course Ultimate Forces Challenge is more outdoor sports related but most elements and disciplines were designed by our Marines and military experts for you to experience what it feels like and if you have what it takes to make it to the end after 10 day’s and nights. And for the record, Surviving The Cut takes 3 days and nights, you do the math.

If you watch the Surviving The Cut series you will see lots of similarities and actual disciplines of which you will encounter in the Ultimate Forces Challenge also. Next to that you got to function in a team and if you are the weakest in the team, the whole team will face a penalty, that’s how it works. Exactly as the real training and selection procedures with the Marshals and the Marines you will not be informed about the 15 disciplines you’re going to get, like in real life. You never know what’s around the corner. You’ll beter be ready.

Yes we had several UFC contestants who underestimated the UFC disciplines, thinking it was game show, expecting they would do this with ease. No they didn’t and were send home. During the UFC pre-selection at the marines in 2002 from the 50 contestants, 13 dropped out in the first 3 hours and these pre-selections took 3 days, go figure what stamina, perseverance and mental skills these 37 other competitors had.

As we repeatedly say, the UFC is a outdoor sports event but the Ultimate Forces Challenge is not for pussies.

A true love for sports

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