Having a more than average bodyweight often puts you in specific situations to reckon with. I always run 3 times a week between 4 and 6 km and being advised, last year I bought a pair of Brooks Glycerin 19 for street running at Runnersworld Amsterdamse Bos and I was amazed about how comfortable, light and shock damping they felt. This was truly something different than the other brands I tried before; it was like running on clouds… wow.

Being very satisfied about the Brooks running shoes, a few weeks ago’ I went to Runnersworld again… I need Outdoor Trail running shoes and I prefer Brooks. The lady was very helpful and interested in the purpose of the shoes and how many times I was running etc. etc. She advised me the Brooks Cascadia 16 and the size was spot-on.

Now I have been running in the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forrest) a couple of times on my new Brooks Cascadia 16 and exactly like the Glycerin 19, they run amazingly fine. Now I’m in training 3 times a week for the 8K Damloop in September and I’m confident I will succeed in my first real competition in 66 years.  


Looking forward to it :o)

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