Every situation is an opportunity to grow, especially negative ones. The lessons we’ve learned have helped us to secure a substantial base in our existence from day one, experiencing multiple downfalls in the 20 year’ now that’s our challenge. We’ve also learned how to survive and look forward to opportunities because they are always there, once a road is chosen we stick to it.

Having a great deal with Amazon Prime as our own online platform reaching millions worldwide hands us multiple options to do our homework and be ready to launch. Before all things starts up again after Corona and setting our chess pieces in the right position because now, we have the time and get ready for our next UFC and other new programs. It’s obvious, now it’s the moment to step away from regular TV completely and go fully online.

In just a few meetings with our production team we’ve made up plans which will fit easy in our online strategy. All outdoor disciplines are ready to go and in 1 or 2 explorations trips to Canada we can set the sequence of challenges and the production team is ready to go. It’s not so difficult when you have a proper planning in advance and a great hand’s on team. Now it’s jumping off a cliff and build your wings on the way down a lot easier.

















A very positive sign is the growth of the number of UFC website visitors which is in the tens of thousands each month and growing. Quite striking is loss of interest on Social Media and rapidly growing attention on our website www.ultimateforceschallenge.com because our website gives us much more options to find our fans and they finding us. Handing sufficient news and information on a daily base and asking questions via info@ultimateforceschallenge.com is just as easy, people love personal attention.

So we’re ready to go because we love what we do.


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