Due to the upcoming termination of the Covid-19 1.5 meter rules at the end of September in Holland, the next Ultimate Fitness Challenge is becoming within reach. It’s expected that neighboring countries will also withdraw this 1.5 meter rules soon. In that case, the vaccination rule will still remain for all participants, crew and production for the time being. Better safe than sorry.

Given the interest and questions about visiting the upcoming Ultimate Fitness Challenge in the Ardennes in Belgium… UFC is working on a ticket system with several option with one ore more days to visit the various competition and fashion shows, so stay tuned.

Also we receive questions about watching the Ultimate Fitness Challenge on TV and Online. Just to be clear, the next UFC will be broadcasted on both, Linear and Online platforms’ however the online series will start 6 weeks prior to the actual competition which you can follow on a daily base on Vimeo, Amazon Prime and on our website as VOD and special life streams on various locations.

During first preparations for a next UFC, actual registration is not possible yet. As soon developments creates clear progress a totally new Ultimate Fitness Challenge website www.ufc.nl will be launched (in Dutch) combined with the official registration form and new Rules & Regulations.  

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