In the earlier UFC series, we started a calendar with pictures of contestants as a collector item. That we repeated after the UFC Bali series with the country teams, which we will publish later. In our next UFC Canada edition, we will develop a new calendar with the country teams and unique landscapes of Canada, the PowWow, Fort McLeod and amazing nature.

Here’s a glimpse of the calendar series from UFC 2006 which was a great success. Pictures by Esther Hereijgers

Helga 2006 UFC winner

Belgian Pascale, winner of the Canon Dress To Impress Photoshoot

Carla, the outdoor sports specialist and group entertainer

Renate. her first UFC

Mirjam, Law enforcement agent and in UFC since 2001 and kept going for 7 editions

Inge her first UFC and joined the UFC Bali edition

Nicolette, the definition of beauty and sport

Debbie, queen of the catwalk

Annet, hardcore 2006 contestant and joined UFC Bali in 2016

Cassandra, the Benjamin of the 2006 edition and performed great

Sandra, a police force perfomance

Lisan, a diesel in performance and ended second in the finals on her first UFC.

Soon we will publish the UFC Bali calendar

A true love for sports



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