Sometimes it just takes more time to be discovered. As fast UFC started back in 1999 making unexpected progress in the years after, similar developments are happening right now. With the help of Google Analytics, we discovered a real explosion in the number of viewers on YouTube watching all our UFC series… for free of course. Somehow our UFC series were re-launched by a large number of Outdoor Sports enthusiasts in the US which runs in the tens of thousands each month as we can see.

Out of nowhere numerus emails and PMs via social media found us asking for more info and where to find more UFC content, well just watch this: FOR FREE, soon more previous UFC series will be published on our website.

All this media attention can’t be happening without awareness from the Big SVOD Boys and the first open inquiries for partnership / investors came in and first appointments have been made… Never miss an opportunity when you see one. Our plans for a next UFC Canada were received with open arms. So, we proceed with our plans… stay focus on our website.


Because we love what we do

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