After a long break…

As the world famous socker player Johan Cruijff once said, one of the most difficult tasks in building a successful venture is finding the right people. It’s absolutely true as we found out by experience. What we have left are the, no matter what and truly dedicated crew to continue with.

Now having the right crew and a great production team we feel comfortable to go for a next edition. Of course, we had to wait out the Covid-19 situation, which is in some countries still an eminent concern nowadays. The good news is we just received an invitation from a fantastic host country. A fabulous ‘bucket list’ destination with an amazing nature and environment. At this point we’re exploring possibilities for a go-ahead, so just be patient.

As we are famous for going to extraordinary places for at least a 10 days competition’ makes Ultimate Forces Challenge stand out from all other outdoor events. Even better news is a back-to-back production with our truly successful (ladies only) Ultimate Fitness Challenge in the same period… Now that’s a challenge. What host country invited us is kept secret for now to build up the excitement.

Having two events and TV series at the same time will be a true challenge for us, but we have all the confidence we will succeed with this crew. The most important key in organizing is ‘feet on the ground’ support. Not a local hero but our own people weeks in advance to prep and plan all locations, disciplines and time table in detail, that’s how we make it happen as we did before successfully.

As most Ultimate Forces Challenge teams already know, the teams consist of 5 people and a maximum of 10 country teams. For the Ultimate Fitness Challenge only 16 ladies are allowed to the competition. Of course, everybody needs time to prepare, but so do we… So, we will announce the next UFC series at least three months ahead.

Because we love what we do.

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