The e-bike market is packed with options, but every bike basically serves the same purpose: getting you from point A to point B. With so many lower-cost, suitably constructed e-bikes available, why would anyone purposefully pay 3-4 times more for a high-end premium model that ultimately still does the same thing? What’s the value in buying an expensive e-bike instead of a sufficient mass-market one that costs far less?

Impression: Some e-bike brands are inherently more impressive than others. A Porsche will always raise more eyebrows than a Nissan will, right? Luxury car owners enjoy — and in some job situations, need — the prestige that a more elite vehicle carries. Sometimes it’s better to be seen as successful than as frugal. It’s the same as your clothing: When you’re out to impress, would you rather be seen in a suit or in sweatpants? OK point taken…

Performance: One way in which high-end e-bikes always warrant their higher costs is in their performance like a staggering 200 km range at 70 kmh on a Trefecta RDR. The majority of mass-market e-bikes are engineered to achieve a balance of efficiency and sufficient performance without raising the cost of production too high, so a much lower range like 30-40 km. Affordability is prioritized over top-notch engineering because optimizing a vehicle to achieve next-level performance costs the manufacturer — and thus the buyer — more money. On premium models, the higher price tag allows designers to craft a much better and faster machine that some buyers are willing to pay more for much more sustainability.

Customization: The more you’re willing to pay for a e-bike, the more influence you have over its design. Mass-produced e-bikes come in a limited array of colors and feature packages, so you’re stuck with whatever the manufacturer offers, unless you’re willing to pay for aftermarket customization. When you order a brand-new high-end e-bike, though, the maker will oftentimes offer more ways to tailor your e-bike to your preferences. For instance, BMW allows customers to pay extra for special paint hues and personalization touches. Ritzy Rolls-Royce cars let buyers determine practically every aspect of their car.

Quality: High-end e-bikes generally are of better quality, much faster and sustainability than non-premium e-bikes. That’s not to say mainstream models aren’t well-made, but the components, craftsmanship, and construction of a high-end e-bike generally exceed the utilitarian qualities of a mass-produced e-bike. If you have the extra money and want to get more speed and enjoyment out of the e-bike you drive, a luxury vehicle can bring a level of gratification most mainstream, affordable e-bikes can’t promise.

So choose wisely.

The TREFECTA eMTB’s have been designed to have the capability of tackling almost any terrain and commute you in style thanks to sophisticated suspension and a powerful motor with an unusually large battery. Go anywhere, do anything!

Trefecta RDR ABS eBike comes with a high speed eBike ABS System from Blubrake (with off mode for stunts). It is the only high speed pedelec ABS (anti-lock braking system) for e-bikes that is fully integrated inside the frame and that can drastically increase safety for all kinds of e-bikes, from city to mountain, from trekking to cargo.

A light and invisible technology for a safer and more enjoyable cycling experience which works on asphalt and off-road.

We are proud to present the first series-produced Trefecta RDR with a staggering range of approximately 200 km, a powerful mid-engine motor delivering 120 nm of torque, hydraulic callipers with floating disc brakes and the world’s first integrated high performance eBike ABS (option). Please visit for more information or to order one yourself!


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