As we announced two weeks ago about the first price in the next Ultimate Fitness Challenge, the Trefecta RDR E-Bike’ we received numerus reactions. First of all, lots of people were very enthusiast about us bringing back the very successful ‘Ladies Only’ series. Quite often the question, why not sooner? Well, that’s easy, due to the market shifting from linear TV to Online, at the same time many marketing and branding strategies were thrown overboard because the way of having B2C contact’ branding, marketing and overall corporate communication had to be reinvented first when broadcasting online. It sounds easy but it’s far from that.

Second reaction and questions were about the Trefecta RDR E-bike being such an amazing bike and motivated lots of potential lady contenders to start training for the next Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Also questions about the performance, features and specs of this unique E-bike. And these specs are no illusion. This special UFC edition will go as fast as 70 KMH and is amazingly maneuverable on dirt roads, steep hills and sloop valleys just as easy. To give you an idea about how special this E-bike is, the Dutch Special Forces are training on this unique E-bike as we speak.

Having a Trefecta RDR as first price is amazing but how about a special UFC like mountain-bike track discipline in the Ardennes? A special designed Up and Downhill track with these amazing high speed military grade bikes as we used in the UFC Bali 2016 edition as a real race for the UFC ladies. Now that’s a Challenge… Each run two power girls at the start and which of these trained ladies will end as first in ranking?

Last but not least, we receive numerus questions about watching this Ultimate Fitness Challenge during these 7 days competition. Yes, this will be possible but with limited access unfortunately. We can’t have too many spectators along the track because that would be too dangerous for both, athletes and visitors. So, if you want to attend the next UFC edition in the Ardennes, send a message to (how many tickets and days?) and you will be next in line for tickets.

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