We had it coming, Corona infections skyrocketing again in Holland. At least so it seems’ if we may believe all those experts, doctors and politicians in those never ending toxic talk shows. Well, weather its true or not we don’t follow the crowd as we never did and never will do, it wouldn’t match our identity. A new “soft lockdown” for three weeks, we will survive that. Meanwhile we will continue with our preparations for a next UFC in 2022.

Already having specific disciplines ready, which will be kept secret’ we will proceed with some new surprise challenges with the Marines which we’ve never done before. I’d love to see those faces when facing these challenges.  

Next option we’re exploring a Back-to-Back event and production on one epic location. Having the women’s only UFC Back-to-Back with the International UFC could be very beneficiary. We have discussed a Back-to-Back event before when we were not confident with our production partners back then, so we (lucky us) skipped this option. Now having the right partners, we feel confident to take that road.

Back To Back

While we are already talking with sponsors and partners for a new UFC edition, we’ve tightened our relation with Amazon Prime and an unusual broadcasting company in Holland on the national network so we cover the whole national and international grid. Exactly, these specific details are kept secret too.

Because we love what we do

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