• If you want to tone up quickly, it’s important you design an efficient workout and nutrition plan.
  • Focusing on certain areas can backfire, and a bad diet can derail all your gains.
  • Insider has compiled a guide to getting fit for summer with tips from experts.

With temperatures rising and vaccines rolling out, people are getting ready for a few months of relative “normalcy” in the sun.

It’s not surprising, then, that gyms, virtual classes, and personal trainers’ schedules are filling up.

But for those who want to lose weight or gain muscle in the next few weeks, it’s not productive to simply hit the gym for hours and days on end.

If you don’t work out exactly what your goals are and how to execute them, all your sweat could be in vain.

To help you get the most out of your fitness regime, Insider has compiled a series of expert-approved guides, zeroing in on each area of focus, from abs to backs. See below for each one:

How to decide your goals and start designing your workout plan

Not all workout plans are created equal.

There are some cardinal rules, such as saving targeted muscle exercises to the end of your workout, and really analyzing how much cardio is too much.

Insider has spoken to personal trainers, professional athletes, and dietitians to help you get started.

Simple exercises that will give you quick results and get you fit in time for the summer, according to personal trainers

From workouts to meal plans – 5 things to do if you want to get fit in time for summer

3 ways to reduce gym anxiety if you’re new to fitness

Lifting weights is the most efficient way to get a lean physique, says CrossFit competitor turned ‘Wonder Woman’ actor Brooke Ence


What to eat to get fit for summer

Whatever you do, do not crash diet for a summer bod. Experts told Insider positive changes are essential. That means focusing on foods and drinks you love and coming up with creative recipes or meal plans. 

What you should eat to get fit in time for the summer, according to nutrition experts

How to get toned arms


The art of a toned arm really is all about consistency. Coming up with a regular set of exercises that work out the various muscle groups is key.

Diet also plays a role, if you want to go lean. That means devising a good nutrition plan, that may involved “cycling” or a diet like the 80/20

Simple exercises to get toned arms so you’re tank top-ready in time for summer, according to a trainer


Personal trainers share their favorite, easy workouts to tone and strengthen their arms


How to get a pert, juicy butt

In April, the actor Christopher Meloni generated a heated conversation on social media about the joy of a shapely butt.

A photo that circulated of Meloni’s backside, while filming “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” set Twitter alight, with many users asking how he got such sculpted glutes.

Personal trainers told us the key with butts is to build muscle, so focus on increasing your calorie intake and doing targeted workouts a few times a week. 

How to get a juicy, peachy butt in time for summer, according to a personal trainer


How to get shapely glutes like Christopher Meloni, according to a celebrity trainer

How to get tight abs

Counter-intuitively, exercises like squats may be better than crunches if you’re after tight abs.

The biggest downfall many trainers see is people putting too much emphasis on “spot training” – i.e. trying to focus on one area – rather than creating a total workout regime. Nutrition is important, too. 

Doing crunches won’t get you abs by summer. Try these personal-trainer-approved exercises and some nutrition advice instead.


I want to build muscle and tone up without gaining belly fat. How should I eat and exercise?


How to get a toned back

Backs can be overlooked when it comes to fitness goals.

However, there are plenty of exercises that will not only sculpt your back muscles but also improve your posture and protect your body as you work out other muscle groups, too.

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